Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chandigrah Karee Aashiqi.....

Time and again, one thing which has kept me kicking all my life living away from my home for almost a decade now, is traveling to new places, meeting lot of people and experiencing the lives of different cities.
Chandigarh is one such city which fascinated me and, I feel I should write about it because , the city buzzes with a romanticism imbibed in its rich architectural and planning heritage.
The city is red , with houses made of exposed bricks, many artistic monuments , rose garden and the happening sector 17 , also called as
because of the bird watching( guys talk).
I visited the city , so many times before I really discovered the city life one day with one of my colleague and friend Akshat, who took me for a ride around the city minus the
The city is bustling with young crowds around the University area, but its same everywhere, right? The difference lies in the open spaces around the university campus, the ART college, D.A.V college , Home Science College, Law college and University of Business Studies, the kind of eating joints in the open spaces, the guys hanging around , the bevy of beautiful gals from Himachal, Punjab , J&K and North East. Infact, my friend who has graduated from D.A.V College, Chandigarh told me that Yuvraj Singh often vistis the D.A.V cricket ground in his BMW, whenever he is in the city and plays cricket there. He was also known to be a big craze among the girls there, which can be accepted by without doubt.
When one moves around the streets, it can be often seen that, people are meeting and talking each other on the shaded footpath in hot summer over a ice-cream, which gives a retro romance look of 70’s movies. Guys moving around in Enfield, black classical style, lazily gazing around makes it more happening.
The food is good with lot of variety and also damn cheap. Though, You need to stand in line to get your hand on your favorite food, as the space is always full with young guys and girls.
Another , exciting observation I felt was the Brand Conscious youth in Chandigarh. It is rarely seen , that some one is having a simple mobile set. w people generally carry latest flashy mobiles, branded jeans and tees and yeah , it looks good on them.
I feel, that there is a perfect combination of city’s architecture and the romantic youthful life the city portrays, making me hum..a popular Punjabi pop..Chandigarh Kare Aashiqi...


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