Monday, January 28, 2008

The wanderer who never Lost

As usual I am writing after a long time, and also as usual most of the time it takes Paulo Coelho book,
The Alchemist
to ignite my passion for writing. I have been a staunch believer of the story of
The Alchemist
and the fact that, if you are really serious and want to achieve something, than the whole world conspires to help you achieve that.
The essence of my latest poem, The wanderer who never lost without any doubt is inspired from the books that I have read and is a reflectance of whatever learning’s about life and motivation I have gained from those books and not to forget the biggest teacher, one’s own life.

The wanderer who never lost

I was born so distant, from where I stand today
I was struggling so hard, from where I stand today,
I am a wanderer, who traveled so long and distant,
But never lost!

I read, heard so much about so many,
Thinking one day I would be one of the few,
Making my name count and people shout,
Though, I failed so many times, but I never lost!

Life is a journey and me as a wanderer,
Learning lessons and preaching some,
Transforming myself into an iron with a candle soul,
Fighting the odds, and loving you all,
I was hated so many times, but still I never lost!

I am what I am, still miles left to cover,
There is no way; the journey can get over,
I am a wanderer, who believes in moving ahead,
Exploring new horizons, conquering new heights,
And let the world recite his anthem,
I am a wanderer who never lost!



shooting star said...

i read paulo coelho's "The Pilgrimage" a few days's a nice line from t struck me very profundly..and ai hav written about it in my blog!!...
nice poem you have come out with!!!'s always a pleasure visditing your blog...though nowadays u seem to be very irregular with your posts..but's always better to come out with quality stuff than quantity....

amitsinha said...

Thanks..ya..have been irregular for some time, but hopefully will be in full swing soon and nice to know about "The Pilgrimage", havent got much time to read , since I finished "shantaram" a pretty thick book..will definitely read "The Pilgrimgae".

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