Sunday, December 25, 2005


hi all,

I am writing this after a long pause, well I am still under bit of placement pressure as the D-day is coming near by. Anyways , some time a pause is good as you can come back with greater energy , remember Mcgrath, Shane and apna sachin.
Too much of fundas , ryt , forget it ; lets get back to business that is writing, writing and writing.
If someone would ask me that what is the most relaxing event after a long day , I would say watching a good movie in a good theater with my frens.
After days of watching hollywood cinemas like My best frens weeding,Napolean dynamite, ten things I hate about you, legally blonde etc .etc. on my computer late nyt , i was missing a bollywood filam.
I wanted to watch Apaharan but the timings didnt matched my spare time , so I ended up watching Kalyug in Regal, delhi . Regal once upon a time was famous for its soft porn movies, but now they have made changes and shifted to normal hindi movies.
Well, Kalyug is definately a hard hitting subject which has been dealt with a decent direction , but not really exciting direction.
The star cast is decent with Kunal showing some good potential, amrita Singh in a good negative character of the porn queen who wants to be numero uno in porn industry replacing Hustler and Playboy. But the lady shows more of hungry and lust full character with a weird sense of business. Hmm , this really doesnt show much talent of the director .
deepal shaw is good till the moment she is exposing herself and is keeping quiet. The other actress , if I am not wrong her name is similie is good looking , may be she can get work in another few movies.
A surprise package is apna desi porn star Imraan Hashmi , who looks atleast better than his previous sex flicks and extra marital saga as he doesnt get a chance to lock lips with any of the ladies in this film and try some piece of acting.
The songs are really the pull factor of movie as one doesnt want to leave chair while the songs are being played on. Songs are infact , the strongest point of any movie from bhatt camp.
Overall, the movie can be watched in spare time and its not really bad, I mean you can have atleast have breakeven on the ROI (return on investment ).
well guys , dats enough for now, soon I will be posting the list of movies that I have and their rating , and also some of my good frens who visit this site atleast some time can request for getting the CD from me as a complimentry gift*
*conditions apply
bye frens , hope 2 read some comments from u all.

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