Friday, November 25, 2005

my favourate poem!!

this is one of my favourate poem , that I wrote on 15th august at 6 am . I was really high on alcohal in the previous night as it was our freshers party in IIFT .. seems surprising , but I really felt patriotic while writing this poem . I felt that the spirit of nationality and ur work is far more dominating than any no. of pegs of white or red spirit.
Well , the poem is about globalisation and how India is gearing up to take new challenges in globalisation. We have, lately seen many giants like POSCO,LNM coming to India and the Indian coporations acquiring the businesses abroad. Be it SBI, Bharti, TATA or IT giants like Infosys, Wipro , they all are making India proud and creating wealth for India. So, this is just an attempt from me to bring the success into few words on the paper.


History is glory, future is bright

spreading globalization at the speed of light,

expanding the barriers of a proud nation,

Which is defended by the three Oceans,

where success is Himalaya

and failure is the dust,

love is the mantra,

and passion is the attitude ,

this is the nation, India

beaming in attire of new confidence,

exploring new paths,

on the chariot of globalization and liberalization,

and armour of reforms and technology,

executed by the new age Arjuna’s,

with an onus of making this world say,

jai hind jai hind jai hind…………………

Written by a new age Arjuna……. Amit kumar


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